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The Vinton County Pilots & Boosters Association


The Vinton County Pilots & Boosters Association is an organization composed of people who love airplanes. Some are pilots but many are not. All of us simply have an interest in aviation and flying. Some are aspiring pilots, some are pilots, and then there are others who are interested in other forms of flight. The Association has a president, vice president, treasurer and three trustees. All are elected by the membership in January of each year, and serve without pay. Meetings are held the second Sunday of every month at 1:00 P.M., usually at the airport terminal. Even though the Vinton County Airport is a county airport, it is operated entirely by the Boosters Association without financial assistance from the county. To maintain the property and the structures on it, the Boosters sponsor fund-raising events throughout the spring and summer. The Vinton County Air Show, which is held in September, is the major event of the year. The Ridge Top Music Festival, held in August, is rapidly becoming equally as popular. The Boosters rely on support from the community and from the surrounding area to keep the Vinton County Airport alive. All proceeds from each event go for that purpose. The airport is located north of McArthur, Ohio, 6 miles north of US Route 50 and off State Route 93.


Over the years the Boosters have been involved with the maintenance and upkeep of the airport. After the completion of the hangars in 1972, pilot-activated runway lights were installed at the Vinton County Airport. The Boosters have repaved the runway and the tarmac and have built a new "fuel farm," a facility for refueling airplanes. The Boosters installed a new VASI (visual approach slope indicator), coated the roofs on hangars and terminal twice, remodeled the terminal, constructed one of the longest continuous barbecue pits in the area, and added one hangar extension. The Boosters have also spearheaded the construction of a new shelter house complete with modern kitchen facilities, and have purchased land for a runway extension. The Boosters have purchased mowers and trimmers, and mow all of the grass on airport property.


The Boosters are currently in the process of adding new pilot-activated runway lights along the airport's 3,850-foot runway. In addition, new runway markings will be applied to the runway and it will be extended by 2,000 feet. The extension project is estimated to require moving 1 million cubic yards of dirt. Also in the plan is the construction of new hangars. Timber is currently being cut to prepare for the runway extension project.


President: Nick Rupert

Vice President:

Secretary: Steve Keller

Treasurer: Daniel Alder

Trustees: Andy Adelmann, Harry Sowers, Terry Stevens