Calendar of Events


SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 17: VINTON COUNTY AIR SHOW & CHICKEN BARBECUE 11AM-5PM * Free admission (parking donations accepted) * Aerobatics * Power Para-gliders * Skydivers * R/C Planes * Candy Drop for Kids! * Airplane Rides $35/person (after Air Show) * Food 11AM; Air Show begins 1PM

Vinton County Air Show, Sunday, September 17, 2017

We have a wonderful afternoon of flying acts lined up for the 2017 Air Show. The largest free air show in Ohio begins at 1PM and features acrobatic flying, skydiving, remote-control planes, airplane rides (after the show) and much more! Our famous chicken BBQ dinners will be available throughout the day, along with other culinary delights, starting at 11AM. This is a unique experience; bring a sun hat and lawn chair! Parking donations help fund airport operations.